About us

CoinWare Finland?

In a busines-side of things CoinWare Finland could be thought as import-export business. We import materials to Finland and export products to the Europe, North-America, Australia and Japan.

But to be honest we are much more than a business, we are a family that cares about the environment, healthyness and the equality of all people.

If you’d feel like it, you could continue reading and find out what we are profoundly about…

How we started:

CoinWare Finland begun when I was trying to find a way to get money from my computers’ number-cruching power.

After searching the web I found out about Bitcoin and Litecoin.
I started to mine bitcoins, soon I switched to Litecoins.

One thing led to another and soon I was selling pci-e riser cards for fellow miners.

Then the bitcoins value skyrocketed and I had to start an official business.

Soon I realised that the money-train for bitcoins and altcoins had been gone, and realised that I must try to do something that I’m passionate about.


Caring Panda was born!

I listened Pat Flynn’s podcast and heard about Pencils Of Promice.

This was the moment that I decided I must try to help other people to help each other and our planet. As this is the driving thing in our family’s everyday-life. We always try to find a better, more sustainable and natural-way to do things, while saving money in the long run,

At this moment our daughter was 5 years old, and we clearly remembered the diaper-age, and the easiness and cheapness of using re-useable nappies that my wife sew by herself.

We wanted to find a similar product that has the possibility to help people in the developing countries. Soon we realised that the best pick would be the sanitary cloth pads. These pads would allow girls in third-world countries to attend school even in their menstrual cycle. This in return would allow a more equal social hierarachy to build in those countries. The only problem was that we needed money to do this. So we started to sell these in Amazon’s web-store.

How we try to help:

After  a while we were contacted by the rev. Glenn Coggin’s wife, Angela from UK. She explained that her family makes trips to Africa to help youg women to escape FGM (female genital mutilation). She asked about the possibility to buy Caring Panda’s Sanotary Cloth Pads for  a discount. And so our need to help other people was helped by the lovely Coggin’s family.

At this moment we are trying to expand our product-catalog, so that hopefully we can help kinds in the third world countries to go to school even better. We hope to build a school for them once every year.

Unfortunately this is still a dream, since we have to grow patiently, we don’t want to take loan to finance our operation, and taking a risk to lose everything.

Our current plan is to build a scholl in 2020, or sooner if possible.